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Chain Link Fences
What is the guarantee on a chain link?
Caldwell Fence Erection Co., Inc. guarantees its workmanship on installation of chain link for two years and materials for 10 years.
What height does a chain link come in?
The most common heights are 4 feet and 6 feet, but Caldwell Fence Erection Co., Inc. also stocks 3, 3 1/2, 5,7,8,10 and 12 foot heights.
How is chain link sold? By the section? By the foot?
Most chain link material comes in 50 foot long rolls and is sold in these standard lengths. Caldwell Fence Erection Co., Inc. also sells the chain link material by the foot, so that one only need buy the amount of chain link material that is needed.
How tall can I have my fence?
Residential chain link is available in a variety of heights, although most municipalities put a limit on residential fences at 6 feet high, but each is different. It is best to contact your local planning/zoning office for exact limits.
How do you anchor the posts?
All post are generally anchored in concrete.

Vinyl Fences
In what sizes does vinyl fence come?
Standard length for most styles of vinyl (PVC) fence is 6' & 8' long.  Most fences can be purchased in 3', 3 1/2', 4', 5', 6' and 8' heights.
What is the guarantee/warranty on
a vinyl (PVC) fence?

Manufacturer offers a non-prorated warranty on the vinyl materials for twenty (20) years against defect. This warranty is at replacement cost for the material. DOES NOT include labor.

Ornamental Fences
What types of ornamental fences are available?
Caldwell Fence Erection Co., Inc.
ornamental fences are available in aluminum and steel. Ornamental fences, either steel or aluminum, are available in fourteen (14) different styles and many colors.
What makes the ornamental fence different from wrought iron?
Caldwell Fence Erection Co., Inc.
ornamental fence has a bonded finish which protects the fence from rust and corrosion. Our aluminum and steel fences are stronger, lighter, and more resistant to the elements than their iron counterparts, making Caldwell Fence Erection Co., Inc. ornamental steel and aluminum fences a better investment to beautify your home.